'2014'에 해당되는 글 25건

  1. 2015.01.31 "나는 게임왕이 될 거야"

벌써 지난해 2014년 가을 학기 연세대 "게임디자인과 문화" 학부수업을 마감하고 수업을 들은 두 명의 학생들이 자발적으로 기획하고 준비한, 

미스핏츠 × 이사미스튜디오 공동기획 인터렉티브 기사, "나는 게임왕이 될 거야"가 올라왔네요. 

한 학기동안 정말 쉼없이 달려왔고 학생들이 기대이상의 작업들을 쏟아내어 저도 매우 뿌듯한 학기였습니다만, 

학생들도 각자의 고생스런, 그러나 뿌듯한 소감들을 토로(?)하고 있네요.
기사는 게이머들이 많이 모인 수업답게 전체 한 학기 수업을 '전설의 하드코어 게임'으로 그리고 각 단계별로 진행되는 과제와 프로젝트들을 하나하나의 '퀘스트'로 풀어낸 것이 흥미롭습니다. 핸드폰으로 보이나, 컴퓨터에서 좀더 인터렉티브 기사의 묘미가 느껴집니다.

함께 이번 학기 수업에 참여한 친구들 모두에게 다시한 번 감사합니다!

It has been already the last semester, since it was Fall semester 2014. 
Another undergraduate course, entitled "Game Design and Culture" that I have taught in every fall semester at Yonsei University for last five years, was finished, as its term was over. And an interactive article, "I WILL BE THE KING OF GAME" was published yesterday! This article was voluntarily planned and collaboratively prepared by Saeyoon Jeong at MisFits (http:// and Kevin Han at ISAMI studio (
Particularly last year course was really fun and energetic for me and my course assistants, Sae Hae Chung and Hyegyeong Jo, since every student worked so hard and brought their unexpected level of outcomes to the class. In this article, the interviewed individual students mentioned about how they felt and what they learned throughout the course.
It is interesting to look at how the article has approached the entire course as a 'Legendary Hardcore Game' or 'Game of Making Game'. It also deals with individual assignments and group game making projects as 'Quests' for that game.
This article is shown pretty well on the smartphone, but you can taste and sense its fluid interactivity perfectly on the computer screen.
Well, again I'd like to say thank to all students and assistants/tutorial lecturers of this class! It was just great!