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Creativity Workshop

2014/Creativity Workshop 2015.01.07 05:56 Posted by p_maker

Creativity Workshop

In 2014, Play Makers Workshop extended its concept and approach of 'Play' to 'Interaction Design' and 'Interactive Experience.'

Under the name of "Creativity Workshop," this approach was explored in diverse projects. 

The developed projects were integrating art and design with media technology, science, liberal arts and social science, and education.

These research projects were planned and initiated by Play Makers Workshop and supported by Korea Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA).

Several projects were directed and guided by Hyun Jean Lee and Soojin Jun (a professor in Communication Design major at the Graduate School of Communication and Arts, Yonsei University) in the graduate level of class, called "Special Topics in Media Arts and Design"(2014 Fall semester, Yonsei University).

Also several project were collaboratively created with B-MADE center, BiKE lab, and KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology).

The research projects are as below:


2014년에는 Play에 대한 개념을 보다 경험과 인터렉션에 대한 생산으로 넓혀 다각도로 고찰하여 보는 Creativity Workshop을 진행하였다.  

이들은 미디어 기술과 과학, 인문 사회, 교육, 그리고 예술과 디자인을 융합시키는 프로젝트들로서 
Play Makers Workshop과 연계되어 기획되고, 한국콘텐츠진흥원의 후원으로 진행되었으며, 
아래와 같이 다양한 산학 연계, 기관 연계 Media Art and Design 프로젝트를 진행하였다. 
이 중 일부 프로젝트들은 연세대 커뮤니케이션대학원 디자인전공 전수진교수님과 공동수업과 지도로 진행되었으며, 
일부 프로젝트는 서울여자대학교 B-MADE center, 서울대 BiKE lab, 그리고 KIST 실감교류 로보틱스 연구센터와 함께 진행하기도 하였다.